Assessment District No. 7

Street Maintenance Assessment District No. 7 (also known as Benefits Assessment District No. 7) is a mechanism by which property owners can vote to assess themselves to provide funding for ongoing street maintenance and repair costs for a 10-year period. ​ ​

​La Habra Heights has drainage channels and 42 miles of roads that require continuous repair and maintenance. The City has very limited sources of revenue which are not sufficient to completely cover these ongoing costs. Property owners have, in the past, recognized this deficiency and voted to form assessment districts to provide funding for street maintenance. The prior assessments have expired, so the City is seeking to form Street Maintenance Assessment District No. 7.

2018 04 23 Regular Roads Advisory Committee Meeting Flyer

Proposed Annual Budget - $894,436

Designated as follows:
​Street Maintenance and Repair            $531,740
​Drainage Maintenance and Repair       $100,000 
​Design Engineering (10%)                    $  63,174   
​Const. Mgmt/Inspection (15%)             $  94,761
​Contingency (15%)                                $  94,761
​PMP Update Costs                                $  10,000
​City Staff Administration                        $           0

​Proposed annual budget unanimously approved by both City Council and Roads Advisory Committee.

Annual City Contribution

​The City will contribute a minimum of $500,000 annually. This includes funding received through the following allocations:

​- Highway User Tax Account (HUTA), also known as Gas Tax
​- Roads Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account (RMRA) also known as Senate Bill 1 (SB1)
​- LA County Measure R | Proposition C
​- LA County Proposition A
​- LA County Measure M
​- Surface Transportation Program: Local

Balance to be Assessed

​Proposed Construction Budget    $894,436
Minimum City Contribution           $500,000
Costs to be Assessed                  $394,436