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Additional Information on Republic's Waste Collection Services

Questions? Call Republic Customer Service toll-free: 800-700-8610

Basic Residential Cart ("Barrel") Service

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If you would like to order bin service or request a site visit from Republic please call toll-free 800-700-8610.

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SERVICE levels at a glance

 Republic will work closely with the City to help prevent wear and tear on the local streets by determining the safest and most efficient collection solution for each street in the city. You will be notified if your service REQUIRES a vehicle other than the standard full-size automated side-loader. To discuss your service options contact Republic Services Customer Center toll-free at 800-700-8610.


Service Options







Basic Service


Service level 1 is designed for residents whose street provides sufficient space to safely place carts at the street and whose street can withstand the standard full-size automated side-loader. 



Level 2


Burro/Pup Truck Service


Service level 2 is required if your street is too narrow and/or fragile for the standard full-sized automated side-loader. Carts are serviced with a “Burro/Pup” truck at the street. The additional fee for level 2 services covers the added labor and resources needed to service carts with the smaller truck. (The list of service addresses requiring Level 2 service is currently being compiled and reviewed by the City. Once the list is approved it will be published on the City’s website.)



Level 3


Scout Service Cart Roll-Out


Service level 3 is available for Customers who want the added convenience of cart roll-out service. The cost for service level 3 is the highest because scout/cart roll-out service is labor intensive, requiring the most time, trips and resources.



Standard Automated Side Loader (Level 1)
Smaller Burro/Pup Truck (Level 2)
Scout Truck (Level 3)

Cart ("Barrel") Dimensions