City Clerk

The City Clerk's Office is committed to open public government and to serving you.

As the manager of the Council's business records and actions, the City Clerk's Office provides comprehensive information to the community and the internal organization. In addition to the traditional responsibilities of overseeing the City Council's business records, the Clerk's Office manages the election process and maintains record management for the organization.

Specific City Clerk's Office Duties

Council Business Records

The City Clerk's Office manages the agenda process and public notification requirements for the City Council's business meetings. The City Clerk's Office prepares City Council meeting minutes and provides the public to access the minutes and agendas on the City's website.The City Clerk's Office coordinates the recruitment and membership for city commissions and task forces.


The City Clerk's Office manages the election process for the City Council and coordinates the activities and requirements with county election staff.

 Records Management 

The Clerk's Office oversees the city's record management system including the implementation of a citywide records retention schedule.

To submit a Request for Public Records, please complete the following form, and return it to the City Clerk's Office at City Hall or send it to the City Clerk via email.