Jane L. Williams, Council Member

Council Member Jane L. Williams has served on the City Council of the City of La Habra Heights since her appointment in 2012. She was elected to her first full term in March 2015 and re-elected in November 2019.

A professional writer, Council Member Williams was the original owner/editor of the La Habra Journal 90631. In that position, she observed and reported on the La Habra Heights City Council meetings for 17 years.

Council Member Williams received a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Vassar College, and served as a historian at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and as a photo archivist at the University of Illinois. She has been active in local youth sports programs, and served as the La Habra High School Varsity Girls Soccer Coach and the AYSO Region 94 Head Coach. 

Council Member Williams has served on the City Council's Audit Committee for a number of years, and encouraged the Council to hold open budget study sessions for the community. She is committed to maintaining the City's financial health, and is focused on finding a means to fund needed repairs to roads in the community. She believes that a strong and effective City government is important to maintaining the quality of La Habra Heights' distinctive rural environment. 

Term Expires: November 2024

City Council Committees

  • Audit Committee, Delegate
  • Investment Advisory Committee, Alternate