Your Fire Deparment

The La Habra Heights Fire Department proudly serves the City of La Habra Heights' citizens and visitors by responding to approximately 650 calls for service annually.

Approximately 90% of calls for service are medical emergencies, including incidents of heart attacks, strokes, automobile accidents, sudden illnesses, and pediatric emergencies. In addition to medical emergencies, firefighters respond to approximately 75 fire incidents annually.

Fire Personnel staff one engine with a Captain, Engineer, and two Firefighter/Paramedics, along with one brush patrol staffed with one or two Volunteer Firefighters daily for a total of two water carrying apparatus. In addition, the department's command staff provides duty officer coverage for any emergencies that warrant the response of a Chief Officer.

Each day, trained and qualified personnel provide around-the-clock protection for 6,700+ people who live or travel throughout the City.  


On January 1st, 2005, New Year's Day, La Habra Heights Fire Department welcomed their very own paramedics. The paramedics reported for duty bright and early at 6 AM excited and eager to serve the residents of La Habra Heights.

This has been a drastic improvement and change that the City's own fire department now can provide paramedic services. This means faster response times and transport times in various kinds of emergencies. After a vigorous selection process, the Fire Chief appointed 24 paramedics; two of the 24 will be on duty every day from this day on. On occasions there will be three paramedics on duty due to training exercises. The paramedics will be joining the fire service training program so they can respond on dual functions as paramedic/firefighter and provide the city with exceptional services.