General Information

In order for a property in the City of La Habra Heights to be compliant the following requirements must be achieved:

  1. General Provisions: Property owners are responsible for Weed Abatement and shall maintain their property free of combustible material year round. Combustible materials include but not limited to: dead or dry weeds, grass, brush, trees or tree limbs, palm fronds, trash or other vegetation or material that are deemed combustible.
  2. Provisions Related to Roadways for Emergency Access
    • Property owners may cultivate grass, ivy, succulents and other ground cover up to the edge of roadway as long as said vegetation is not combustible and does not impede line of sight or emergency vehicle access. Any ground cover that becomes dry or is dead must be removed immediately.
    • Vegetation impeding line of sight or emergency vehicles must be trimmed back at least 3 feet from roadway edge. Ground cover must be low enough so as not to block the view of oncoming traffic and/or traffic going around corners.
    • The owner of tree branches and/or other vegetation that crosses into a roadway must maintain said vegetation in a manner that provides a clearance of at least 13 feet 6 inches above ground from one side of the roadway to the other.
  3. Provisions Related to Structures
  4. Address Markers: Property owners shall place building address numbers on the front of all buildings or a location so as to be visible and legible from the street fronting the property. The numbers shall be a minimum of 4 inches in height and shall contrast with their background as authorized per Article 4 of the La Habra Heights Municipal Code.

Brush Clearance Monthly Tip 

Remember that when clearing your brush, safety is very important. In recent years, brush fires have started by homeowners attempting to clear their brush. Many times, the sparks produced from metal blades on motorized equipment have started fires. 

February Tip: Always have a water source readily available, such as a water fire extinguisher, garden hose or a few buckets of water.