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Basic Residential Cart ("Barrel") Service

Bin ("Dumpster") Service

Service Levels at a Glance

Level 1 Basic Services

Service level 1 is designed for residents whose street provides sufficient space to safely place carts at the street and whose street can withstand the standard full-size automated side-loader.

Level 2 Burro / Pup Truck Services

Service level 2 is required if your street is too narrow and/or fragile for the standard full-sized automated side-loader. Carts are serviced with a “Burro/Pup” truck at the street. The additional fee for level 2 services covers the added labor and resources needed to service carts with the smaller truck. (The list of service addresses requiring Level 2 service is currently being compiled and reviewed by the City. Once the list is approved it will be published on the City’s website.)

Level 3 Scout Service Cart Roll-Out

Service level 3 is available for Customers who want the added convenience of cart roll-out service. The cost for service level 3 is the highest because scout/cart roll-out service is labor intensive, requiring the most time, trips and resources.
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