Commissions / Committees

In compliance with the requirements of the Maddy Act, Government Code section 54970, the following appointment list is current as of December 22, 2016. It shows all current members of City Commissions and Committees appointed by the City Council and the dates of their terms of office as of the time of this posting.
  • Appointed Commissioners/Committee members must be 18 years of age or older and residents of the City of La Habra Heights.
  • Planning Commission
  • Roads Advisory Committee
  • Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee
  • Puente Hills Habitat Preservation Authority - Citizens Technical Advisory Committee (CTAC)
  • Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District

Planning Commission

The term of office for the Planning Commission is set pursuant to the La Habra Heights Municipal Code. Specifically, Sections February 4, 2020 C. - E read as follows:

C. Planning Commission Members and Appointments. The Planning Commission shall be comprised of 5 members and 1 alternate who must be residents of the City. The alternate shall serve as an active member of the Planning Commission but shall not vote unless 1 regular member is absent or abstains from voting, in which case, the alternate shall have the same voting power as a regular member. Each member of the City Council shall appoint one Planning Commission member. The City Council as a whole shall appoint the alternate. Appointments of Planning Commission members shall be announced and appointments of an alternate shall be made at a regular City Council meeting typically following the general City Council election. No Planning Commissioner shall hold any paid position in the City of La Habra Heights or otherwise be employed by the City.

D. Planning Commission Terms of Office. Planning Commission members shall be appointed after the appointing City Council member takes office. Members shall hold office until a successor has been appointed. Should a Planning Commission vacancy occur for any reason, an appointment shall be made for the un-expired portion of the term.

E. Planning Commission Removal from Office. A Planning Commissioner may be removed by the appointing City Council member or by any successor to that Council member at any time. Any Planning Commission member may also be removed, with or without cause, by an action of the City Council by a four-fifths (4/5) vote. The Alternate may be removed with or without cause by an action of the City Council by a quorum vote. Any Planning Commissioner or alternate who is absent from 3 consecutive regular meetings of the Planning Commission, unless excused by the Presiding Officer, shall automatically forfeit the position as a Planning Commission member.

 Member  Appointed  Term Expiration
Fred Klein, Chair  March 12, 2018 December, 2022
 Don Smith, Vice Chair  December 14, 2017 December, 2022
 Stephen Blagden, Commissioner December 14, 2017 December, 2022
 Rick Brooks, Commissioner December 9, 2019 December, 2023
 Carol Engelhardt, Commissioner January 13, 2020 December, 2024
 Scott Thomas, Alternate November 13, 2018 None

    Note: Meetings held the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall Council Chambers; no stipend is provided.

Roads Advisory Committee

The mission of the Roads Advisory Committee is to assist the City Council in developing a comprehensive program to attain and sustain a desired level of roads maintenance and repairs.

Objectives Include

  1. Reviewing various financing options for road maintenance.
  2. Making recommendations as to the adequacy of the pavement management program and the overall plan for road maintenance.
  3. Educating the public about road maintenance needs and methods.
 Member  Appointed  Term Expiration
 Tony Donato, Chair April 2, 2016 None
John Steele, Vice Chair April 2, 2016 None 
Matthew Lavey, Member February 3, 2020 None 
Glen Pedersen, Member April 2, 2016 None
John Richert, Member April 2, 2016 None
Jack Sayler, Member April 2, 2016 None
Vacant, Member  - -
Vacant, Alternate - -
Vacant, Alternate - -
    Note: Meetings held the 4th Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall Council Chambers; no stipend is provided.

Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC)

The Mission of the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee is to serve and safeguard our community through efficient and effective volunteer service, which helps protect life and property ensuring the best interest of our community. Critical to our program is coordinating the response of various community volunteer programs including; CERT Program (Community Emergency Response Team), Highland Riders large animal evacuation volunteers and Fire Watch communication volunteers with professional first responders. The community based program will help provide rapid and safe care for La Habra Heights' residents in the event of a major incident or large scale disaster. During non-emergency situations, our Committee focuses on public education and awareness to help increase the emergency preparedness of all residents in La Habra Heights. The Committee will also provide a conduit for public concern regarding public safety and fire related issues. 

 Member  Appointed  Term Expiration
John Pespisa, Chair  September 26, 2019 None
Bradley Romstedt, Vice Chair September 26, 2019 None
John Dominguez, Member September 26, 2019 None
Roy Francis, Member September 26, 2019 None
Neal Greene, Member September 26, 2019 None
Kathie Sullivan, Member September 26, 2019 None
Kwan Lee, Member September 17, 2020 None
    Note: Meetings held the 3rd Monday of the month at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall Council Chambers; no stipend is provided.

Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) 

The Investment Advisory Committee is to provide advice to City Council regarding the City’s investments, annually review the City’s Investment Policy, review the City’s Investment Portfolio quarterly, and consult the City Treasurer with insights on investment opportunities. Committees are only advisory in capacity and authority to invest still rests with the City Treasurer. Typically, such committees consist of some combination of the following: one or two Council Members, the City Treasurer, and three to five resident members who are industry specialists. In La Habra Heights, staff support would be provided by the City Manager and Finance Department.

 Delegates  Appointed  Term Expiration
David Little, Chair  May 11, 2017 May 2025
Dinesh Ghiya, Vice Chair/Treasurer December 14, 2020 None
Brain Bergman, Council Member November 13, 2018  None
Jane Williams, Council Member  December 9, 2019  None

Preservation Authority - Citizens Technical Advisory Committee (CTAC)

The Puente Hills Habitat Preservation Authority Board has created an Advisory Committee to make recommendations on selected items that come before the Board. The Committee is made up of nine members. Three each are nominated from the Whittier City Council, La Habra Heights City Council, and the Office of the Supervisor of the Fourth District. The Board approves appointments onto the Committee. Each volunteer Committee position has a term of four years.

 Delegates  Appointed  Term Expiration
Catherine Houwen, Board Liaison February 2018 February 2022
Roy Francis, Vice Chair February 2019 February 2023
Adam Nazaroff
February 2021 February 2025
Note: Appointment for a four year term; meets Tuesdays before the 4th Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Whittier Senior Center; no stipend is provided.

Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District

The District's governing power is vested in its 35 members of the Board of Trustees. One trustee is appointed by each of the 34 cities and the County Board of Supervisors appoints one to represent unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. To be appointed, the member must reside in and be a resident voter of the representative city (or county for county member) in the District. Board member duties and responsibilities include setting policy, establishing the budget, approving expenditures, and retaining legal counsel. The trustees serve a minimum of two or four-year terms without compensation, but do receive an in lieu travel expense of $100 for attending each regularly scheduled board meeting.

 Trustee  Appointed  Term Expiration
 Catherine Houwen  February 9, 2017 January 4, 2021
    Note: Appointment of two or four year terms; meets the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in Santa Fe Springs; a $100 travel allowance is provided.

LAX Community Noise Roundtable

Membership consists of local elected officials and staff, representatives of congressional offices, members of the community, the FAA, the ATA and LAWA Management. The group attempts to insure cooperation between the airport and affected communities in achieving noise impact reduction.

 Delegate  Appointed  Expiration
Brian Bergman, Mayor Pro Temp July 14, 2011  None
Dinesh Ghiya December 11, 2015 None
Note: The Roundtable meets on the second Wednesday of every odd numbered month and may schedule additional meetings as needed. All meetings start at 7 p.m. in Los Angeles; no stipend is provided.

Wildlife Corridor Conservation Authority (WCCA) - Appointments to the Advisory Committee

WCCA provides for the proper planning, conservation, and environmental protection of the wildlife corridor between Whittier-Puente Hills and Cleveland National Forest.

 Delegate  Appointed  Expiration
Jane L. Williams, Council Member December 14, 2020 December 14, 2024
Vacant, Alternate - -
Note: A minimum of one vacancy; appointment is for two year terms; meets the 1st Wednesday of every other month starting in January at 5:30 p.m., meetings from January through June are held in Whittier, and meetings from July through December are held in Brea; no stipend is provided.

City Treasurer
 City Treasurer  Appointed  Expiration
 Dinesh Ghiya December 14, 2020 None
Note: No stipend is provided.