Measure G: Gann Limit Override

The following measure will be placed on the ballot at the November 7, 2017 General Municipal Election.

Ballot Language / Question

Shall an ordinance be adopted to renew the City’s authority to spend existing revenues from the special fire tax approved by two-thirds of the City’s voters in 1997 to provide essential fire and life safety services by renewing the voter-approved amendment to the City’s appropriations limits?

Notice to Voters regarding Ballot Measure

Proposed Ordinance

Impartial Analysis 

Argument In Favor

Argument Against – None Submitted

Argument and Rebuttal Form – This form will be used by author(s) for submitting “FOR” or “AGAINST” opinions. Ballot argument text shall not exceed 300 words in length including title. All authors for submitted ballot arguments must sign the declaration on the reverse side of the Argument and Rebuttal Form.