Disaster can strike quickly and without warning at anytime. It can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or confine you to your home. What would you do if basic services, such as water, gas, electricity, or telephones were cut off? You and your family should be prepared to take care of yourselves for 14 days or more following a major disaster. The La Habra Heights area is susceptible to fires, earthquakes, thunderstorms, lightning, power outages, and flooding. Below are a few tips on how to get started on your emergency preparedness plan.

  • Sign up for ALERTLHH. This is a mass notification system, operated by City staff, designed to keep residents informed about emergency situations that occur in the City.
  • Use the Emergency Checklist prepared by the La Habra Heights Neighborhood Watch to gain some ideas on how to get prepared.
  • Plan for evacuation before disaster happens. Visit the FEMA website by clicking here
  • FEMA also published valuable contents specifically on the following emergency situations:
  • FEMA advises all residents to keep in mind these Six Important Things to Know Before a Disaster Strikes:
    1. Know where you gas shut off valve is located.
    2. Know where your electrical shut off is.
    3. Make an emergency communication plan.
    4. Make sure you have insurance.
    5. Plan for your pets.
    6. Know your evacuation routes.
  • Family, friends and neighbors with disabilities may need a little extra help preparing for an emergency. FEMA created an informational packet on how to help people with disabilities. Please click here for more information.