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Posted on: January 11, 2021

Potential Mail Theft Occurring: Keep Watch

Mail thieves are constantly on the lookout for easy-to access mail boxes with mail left inside. They are mainly looking for checks, credit card and loan applications, bank statements, online order packages, and any other correspondence with account numbers. It's important to remember that mail theft is preventable. Below are some easy tips to help you prevent becoming a victim. 

  • Invest in a high quality locking mailbox. These are available online and in most home improvement stores.
  • Mail arrives, relatively, at the same time each day. Be aware of the time and make sure to remove mail from the mailbox as soon as it is delivered. Never leave mail in your mailbox overnight
  • Use a mailbox alarm device to let you know when mail has arrived. These are available online and in most home improvement stores.
  • Contact banks and credit card companies and go paperless. By going paperless you will receive emails with links to your statements.
  • Do not leave outgoing mail in your mailbox for pickup - especially envelopes with checks or account numbers inside. Drop off outgoing mail to your nearest post office or certified USPS mailbox. 
  • When you get unsolicited credit card applications, contact the company and request to be removed from their mailing list. 

If you have any critical information regarding individuals stealing your mail please call and report to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department at (626) 330 - 3322. 

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